Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the business?

Since 1993, serving thousands of satisfied customers.

Can we pick our own DJ?

Yes, we can arrange that for you.

Can we pick our own music?

Your music selections are totally up to you and DJ Express can help you with your selections.

If needed, can we go longer than our scheduled time?

Yes, you’re able to add extra hours on our contract or just tell the DJ you need them to stay that night. Extra time can be paid for ahead of time or the night of your event.

Are we able to put together a schedule or guide sheet for our event?

Yes, we send you a packet with what we call our “Putting your day together” and “Things we need to know” list.

What do your DJ’s wear for our event?

For weddings – dress slacks, dress shirts, ties and/or vests. For other events – same attire or polo shirts and Dockers.

What time will our DJ arrive for our event?

DJ Express DJ’s will be there approximately one hour before the start of your event.

Do we have to include our DJ’s to dinner?

Although it is not required, it would be much appreciated as we are there, in most cases, dinner through late night.

Is it okay for our guests to make requests also?

Yes, your guests are important to you and also to us.

How many songs can be played at our event?

Approximately 20 an hour.

What type of music can DJ Express play?

From the 20’s through today including ethnic music.

May we ask for certain songs or type of music not to be played?

Yes, it is your day and we will work with you.

Can we bring in our own CD’s for you to play?

Yes, but we are not responsible for the quality of your CD’s.

Do you take breaks?

No, unless requested by customer.

Is there a way to view your service before booking?

Yes, we have demo videos we can send you upon request.

May we select special dances for our event?

Yes, just note what you want in your information packet.

Do you make all announcements for our event?

Yes, it is part of our job that evening.

When is the deposit required?

A.S.A.P. to hold your date with contract.

When is the balance due?

The night of your event.

May we ask for music volume to be adjusted?

Yes, we cater to your needs.

May we send in our song list at a later date?

Yes, within one month of your event, so we can go through it to prepare for your event.

May we use your microphone at our event?

Yes, most definitely.

May we have the DJ help pick the music?

Yes, the DJ will play music to get your guests dancing.

Do you have different packages?

No, every event is special. Our only package is the best package.

Do I tip our DJ?

It is not required, but if they made your day special and fun, it is appreciated.